BAB74 Fishermen's Hut BAB63 Anemones BAB62 St. Germain des Près
An artist who's works are a hymn to Provence, Eugène BABOULENE, has enchanted us with his paintings for half a century. Born in Toulon, in the south of France, he studied art in Toulon and Paris. He has exposed at all of the major art exibitions since 1950.
Axatar - Mongolfière  (Balloon)
ESPEJO better know as AXATARD was born in Marseille in 1931. He studied art in Marseille.  Is AXATARD the Brugel of our time? The comparison is evident, as much in the style of his works as the emotion that they generate ; but he gives his paintings a French heart and soul.
DAN50 Egg and Pot
HEM42 Red Bouquet HEM41 Toscan Landscape
HEMERET was born in Tunisia in 1929. His parents, who originated from the Berry and Lot-et-Garonne region, settled in Nice in 1932, where Hemeret later attends the National School of Decorative Arts. In 1952, he begins a successful carrier as an illustrator for famous editors. In 1966, he decides to devote his time and talent exclusively to easle painting. His works are admirered around the world.